Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Belly Update #1

Here is the 19 week belly!!! Baby is growing and kicking!! Troy got to feel the baby kick for the first time on August 25th!!! Pretty amazing!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Second Spare Room "After"

We switched to a buttery yellow. Now I need to come up with some new bedding and curtains. I sent away for some swatches. One of them is a floral with Robin's Egg Blue background. I repainted the bed white, from it's original cream. This room will end up being our craft/spare/storage room. It has a large walk-in closet which is already full!!

Second Spare Room "Before"

This spare bedroom was a little much for us. It had "Princess" stickers all around the top of the room. Troy peeled off the stickers and the purple had to go!

It is to bad though. The bedspread went well with the purple!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Living Room

This is our Living Room. As you can see, it has that same blue carpet that used to be all through the house. It will eventually be replaced by wood floors, but we will take things a little at a time. You can see through the double doors out into the screened in porch which is a God sent because of the amount (and size) of the bugs out here. There is also a fireplace to the left of the T.V. that goes all the way up the wall to the vaulted ceiling. Any suggestions on color or set up of this room are welcomed!! It is such a big room I don't want to go to crazy with the color but I would like to jazz it up. Curtains would probably help too!!

Spare Room "After"

Now this room is a color called "Watering Can" with a neutral khaki/tan color of carpet. We think it will end up being the nursery and will later be accented with either blue or pink. Jack likes it!!

Spare Room "Before"

This is a before of one of the spare rooms. As you can see it has a wonderful dirty blue shade of carpet, which goes lovely with the bright blue walls, and of course you can't go wrong with a border, right? Yuck!

Taking the Plunge!!

Well, we did it! We purchased our first home. (No more white or cream walls for us!!!) It has been an all consuming project but we love it.
Things are going well for us out here in South Carolina. It is so beautiful! Troy is enjoying the challenges of his new job and the baby is healthy and growing quickly, just like my belly. The home improvements are also off to a running start. New carpet has been laid and walls are getting painted. We have only had one stroke of bad luck, knock on wood, since closing on our home July 31st. The air conditioning unit outside our house was struck by lightening and we were without AC for 5 days. Of course it happened on a Friday afternoon, which left us stranded for the weekend but, all is well now and we are cool and comfortable again.
I would like to update our blog little by little with before and after pics of our hard work on the house and then come January I will begin introducing our little one.