Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Little Artist

Well, I knew it was coming someday and here we have it. Jacob decided he would let the artist in him come out. I was upstairs changing Eric's diaper and Troy was using the restroom and voila. Blue and brown walls and large amounts of the brown paint on the chair (sorta looks like something else huh). Well, thank goodness for washable paint and a 'Little Green Clean Machine'. The only proof we have of this incident are these pictures. Arrrrgggghh. Not really how I wanted to spend my Saturday morning (but it is a little funny!!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Eric!!

Make a wish
Now dig in

Brothers and cake, does it get any better?

The cake


What? did I get something on my face?

Mommy better get the tub ready!

Mommmy and Daddy got me a music box

and a mail box.
Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes. Eric had a wonderful time at his party. Thank you to all the friends that came out to celebrate with us. What a great night!!
(a special thanks to Erin Adams, who took all the pictures and helped me pull everything together. Seriously, you are the best!!)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Daddy's Helper

Jacob always loves to be the big helper and especially loves to use Daddy's tools. He helped Daddy put his sand and water table back together after the move to Virginia!!

Love that Smile

Even in the midst of chaos and boxes Eric always found something to smile about.

Lego Mania


Pulling to Stand!

Come on, you can do it!
I did it!
Look Daddy!!

Brother's at Play

Let me show you how this works
It's pretty fun
Let's see what other toys are in here.