Monday, March 15, 2010

Seriously Mom, who is this Loon?

Loving 'Red'

The 'Cars' obsession is never going to end. We found a remote control 'Red' on clearance at the Disney store and it is Jacob's new BFF.

Ahhh thanks

Snacks and a little Ming-Ming. This is the life!

Turn the T.V. on

Let me just turn this on.Which button is it again?
Fine...I won't watch Wonder Pets. This place is overrated. I'm going to grandmas.

Jake found my glasses

He walked out with them on and said "Mama, what do you think?" I think you are adorable but you better not break them little man.

Enjoying some time outside

I love the sun!!
Look at me on my trike!
I'm loving it!
Popping the popper
What are you doing?
Eric running both mowers. What a hard working kid.
If only it really cut the grass.

Look at that smile!!

19 Months and looking so grown up