Monday, January 24, 2011


Jacob and Eric helped me make a Countdown Calendar for Troy's arrival. We can't wait to have him back home where he belongs.

Super Models - Not So Much

See the constant silliness strikes again. Where did they learn those poses? Good Grief.

At Home Christmas Pics

Good one
O.K. boy's attack kisses don't really make the best pics.
Good Smile, thanks.
Love, that's always nice
Brotherly Love, good good
Now what's so funny
Be serious for the love of pete I need a few pics.

They weren't the most cooperative. You can tell I take way to many pics. I pull out the camera and I get the "here we go again" attitudes. Throw me a bone you silly goofs!!

Spidey Muscles

It looks like Eric's been hitting the gym! LOL

Christmas Cookie Time

The boy's did a great job mixing, baking, and decorating their Christmas cookies. They were really good. I think we have some future chef's on our hands!!

Special Delivery

Ahhhhh, I'll sign for that package.

The Cold Weather Monsters!!

Are they sweet....
or nasty?
Well, they look like they're having fun to me.
Getting ready to rocket off.
Let's go, go, go!!
Who says you need water to go boarding. Grass works just fine!!

An Apple a Day!!

Wow that's a big piece of apple
Do you want a piece brother?
He Ate it!!!!

How about some for you?
Thanks. George likes apples too. Have a curious day!!

Playing Catch-Up

O.K. mom's been sitting down on the job. It is time to get this blog updated.