Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Time!

War Machine and Wolverine are headed for the ultimate battle!!

Wolverine is on the attack with his claws

 Wolverine gets in a few swipes but is it enough to defeat War Machine?

War Machine has the blocking technique mastered...

and he goes in for the head crusher move.

I guess he showed Wolverine who's boss!

Ooooooh you're so tough War Machine!!

I totally let him win mom. Can we go inside now?

Happy Halloween from our little kiddos!!
We pray you get more treats than tricks!!

The Nursey

I've had a little time lately to sew for our little girl so I made her a simple quilt.

I did super soft minky fabric on the back. I have never done that before and I'm in love. It worked out beautifully and now I've gotten myself into more work because the boy's want quilts with it on the back too. I can't blame them. I want one too!!

This is also the first time I have ever made a crib sheet. I found this tutorial online, how simple. Her crib skirt is handmade too. I even saved fabric by putting sticky velcro on the mattress support and then sew-on Velcro on the top of the crib skirt and then just stuck them together. If I had known that baby sewing was this easy I would have never bought nursery sets for the boy's. Anyway, the fabric I used for her was called Oh Deer! by Momo for Moda. I love the color scheme and that it's not so sugary sweet like most girl things. I like pink . . .  in moderation.

Next up is her wall. What to do, what to do????

It's Getting Close!!

Well here it is, the 35 week belly. Wow, she's a big girl. I can't believe the time is almost here to welcome this sweet baby girl into our family. Troy snapped this pic when we got back from our walk the other night. We are all so excited to meet her!!