Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Best 25¢ I Ever Spent

Well, after we all went to the new movie "Monster's University" we decided to eat at "Jessie's". I look over while we are waiting for our food and see the vending machines have stick on mustache's . . . . let the crazy ensue!!

VERY nice Troy!!

Eric you look dashing in your blond 'stache!!

Why Sarah, props on the mustache!!

Rockin' the blond stache like nobody's business!!

Ooooh Eric I like that one too!!

Then it got a little creepy!! I'm not to sure about this look.

Notice we have one member of our family MIA? All of this was to much for stuffy old Jacob. How dare we partake of such sophomoric silliness. We love you but LIGHTEN UP kiddo!!! When you least expect it you will get 'stached'!!

So the morale of the story is, the next time you go to "Jessie's" pick up a mustache or 6 and have a good old time!!