Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Prague - October 2015

This was such a stress free fun vacation. We drove there and had a nice big hotel room with parking underneath and walked our legs off everyday. Everyone there was just cool!! The views and sites were amazing and the food was great. 

"Caucasian Cuisine" hmmm I have no idea what would be on that menu??

Creepy dudes let you make huge bubbles on the street!!

I love Trdlenik with all my heart. They roll sweet dough on rolling pins made out of metal and then cook it over hot coals while they rotate. Then they slip them off the pin and roll them in cinnamon/sugar/slivered almond mix. They were delish and you could buy them all over the city. (picture below)


Sparky's was a pretty cool toy store and far to close to our hotel. 

Prague Astronomical clock 

The Charles Bridge

St. Georges Basilica within the Prague Castle walls.

Venice - June 2015

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This was just a few days but it was so much fun. 

We drove there after staying in southern Germany and we got to park in the huge Tranchetta!! We walked to our hotel at night and it was magical walking the streets in the evening. It looks so different. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rome - December 2015

I am finally going to sit down and post about some of our trips. We have traveled quite a bit since we moved to Germany and everyone keeps asking for pics (Plus this will be a great way to store some pics in case my computer takes a dive!!) 

The Pantheon

The inside is, of course, beautiful. The floors are amazing!

There are those cute boys.

The ceiling. AMAZING!

The first day that we went to see Trevi fountain they were cleaning it. Even empty it was beautiful.

The kiddos were in ah that it was soooo big!

The Piazza Di Spagna. You can see the Spanish steps off to the right.

The beautiful ramp in the Vatican museum!

We opted for the family audio tour when we went in and the kiddos each got treasure maps and had to hunt down all the treasures. Eric was the first one to find this! They took it very serious and actually learned a lot. 

Now Jacob found one so he got to put in the number and listen to the information. 

Random hallway. This is one of the hallways after the Sistine Chapel. You're not supposed to take any pictures in there so I don't have one of Michelangelo's beautiful works on the ceiling.

Breath taking views everywhere you turn.

The Vatican gardens.

St. Peter's Basilica

Michelangelo's The Pietà. Pretty darn cool to see it in person. Jacob and I had just studied Michelangelo for his homeschool so it was neat to finish that section by seeing some of his most famous works.

View of the Basilica.

All decked out for Christmas.

Italy's tomb of the unknown soldier.

The Colosseum

It was pretty cool to see.

The history was very interesting.

Beautiful views out of every opening


Crazy Beautiful

The Arch of Constantine

Then they saw a bunny. Sarah was in love.

(1 of about 6 we saw)

We went back by Trevi 2 days later and it was filled again. So amazing!

Merry Go Round in the Piazza di Novona

Saint Angelo Castle

The inner room where they used to keep all of the most important treasures locked in the large chest that was secured by 6 locks. There were also 6 key holders so no one could open it alone.

View from the top of the castle

Elevated walkway between the Vatican and the Castle. 

Outside of the castle

Sarah being over vacation. LOL 
The kiddos were troopers as usual. We walk a lot of steps and the kids always keep up!!