Thursday, March 24, 2016

London - August 2014

The London Eye
Our Hotel was right behind it with a great view!!

British Babe

DOMINO'S - the boy's were in heaven!!

The Rosetta Stone

M&M Store

View of Windsor Castle from Legoland. We went for Eric's birthday.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Prague - October 2015

This was such a stress free fun vacation. We drove there and had a nice big hotel room with parking underneath and walked our legs off everyday. Everyone there was just cool!! The views and sites were amazing and the food was great. 

"Caucasian Cuisine" hmmm I have no idea what would be on that menu??

Creepy dudes let you make huge bubbles on the street!!

I love Trdlenik with all my heart. They roll sweet dough on rolling pins made out of metal and then cook it over hot coals while they rotate. Then they slip them off the pin and roll them in cinnamon/sugar/slivered almond mix. They were delish and you could buy them all over the city. (picture below)


Sparky's was a pretty cool toy store and far to close to our hotel. 

Prague Astronomical clock 

The Charles Bridge

St. Georges Basilica within the Prague Castle walls.