Sunday, June 13, 2010

More pics.

We got the boys both Lederhosen.

Eric even got a little German hat too.

The grounds at Linderhof Castle

Jacob couldn't resist

Linderhof castle, King Ludwig II summer home.

The statue in the water in front of the castle.

Jacob riding his jousting horse.
Jacob and Troy riding the roller coaster
Eric playing in the Duplo area at legoland.
Jacob and Eric driving the ambulance in the play area

Tree house play area at Legoland
Eric playing hide and seek
Jaocb and Troy riding a wild ride. I couldn't believe Jacob wanted to ride it.

The first place the boys ever ate Schnitzel. Troy told them it was a big chicken nugget. LOL
One of the lego city display areas. Can't even imagine how many hours all these areas took.
Entrance to the "Greatest Place on Earth" or so Jacob says.
Wait until we take him to Disneyworld!!