Monday, June 17, 2013

A Well Deserved Tiny Vacation

We have been meaning to visit Biltmore Estates for years. The house and gardens are absolutely beautiful!! What a treasure! 

The Biltmore Babe!! LOL

The Biltmore was just amazing everywhere you turned!! You aren't allowed to take pictures inside so you will have to see for yourself how gorgeous all 250 rooms are!!

Then we headed over to the Biltmore Barn. They had an animal petting area, a blacksmith, a woodworker, a playground, a maze and a vineyard.

The boy's loved every minute of that!

The next day we headed south to check out Chimney Rock

Jacob walked by and saw they had opportunities to rock climb and said "I want to do that" We didn't skip a beat. If he felt up to the challenge we say go for it!!

and off he went. . . 

up, up  . . . . .

a quick lesson in coming down . . .

and off he went!!

Wow!! Way to go buddy. Although I would be lying if I said it went off without a hitch. During his descent he got to a ledge and looked over and said "o.k. I'm a little scared now" The instructor climbed right up and brought him down, coaching him the whole way. She was amazing. What a great experience!! I'm so proud of him.

Next we climbed up Chimney rock. It is a 315 foot monolith and it is 495 stairs to the top. That was Eric's moment to shine. He made it to the top first!! Then we all rode the elevator down!!

Me and My little Lady

My men!!

What a great couple of Days!! And a huge thanks to Aunt Cher for flying out even though our moving plans got changed. We had a fantastic time and we're so glad you came and we hope you had as great of a time as we did. I will never forget Jacob whispering in my ear "She's the greatest" about his sweet Aunt Cher!! We all love you to pieces!!