Friday, October 14, 2011

Bad Turned Good

Well, we did not have the best day yesterday (which certain friends can attest to, thanks for listening to me vent) It involved Eric not participating AT ALL in speech therapy. Seriously he wouldn't say one thing she asked him too. His SLP came out and kind of giggled and told me what had happened but at least reassured me that "he wasn't ugly about it he just wasn't feeling it today". Well, we pushed on and headed on over to see Troy for lunch and it started raining cats and dogs right as we got to the playground. Ummm..... O.K. at least we still get to break bread together. That's when Eric decided he was done with his CHOCOLATE MILK and let it fall to the floor in the van. Yep, I said chocolate milk. Well that at least mapped out what I would be doing ALL afternoon. Raise your hand if you love "little green clean machining" your carpet to within an inch of it's life..... really no hands hmmm. So I started on that and then came inside to put the boy's down for nap time and when I went back out I realized the lights were still on on the van and the battery was dead. See I just couldn't catch a break yesterday.  Anyway, my hubby came home, helped with the van and power washed all the plastic parts of the car seats while I washed the covers. Thanks babe!! But the fun wasn't over. Jacob topped the day off by waking up at 9:30 and throwing up more that I have ever seen come out of a child. 

Now I know you are all jealous of my luxurious life but no I won't share it's mine all mine. Because even though yesterday was quite undesirable this came out of it all today (plus smiling boy's who played and rode bikes all day):

Jacob's car seat cover had seen better days and I had some Transformer fabric left over so I made a pattern from his old cover and made this one. I quilted the Transformer fabric so it would be thicker and softer and then put nice thick black fabric on either side. I have NEVER had one of these "make-your-own-pattern" things come out right before so I was thrilled and Jakey loves it!! Woo Hoo. Yay for a better day. And can you stand it that the strap covers both have Bumblebee perfectly centered on each one. I didn't even plan that out. I think it was just pay back for the disaster that was yesterday. Have a good day. I know I did!!