Wednesday, December 11, 2013

LEGOLAND Deutschland

Our second big outing with the van, once it arrived, was LEGOLAND. The boy's loved it the first time we went 3 years ago but this trip was even better!!

The boy's were super excited to check out the Ninjago Village!!

 First ride they all rode! 

Why do I have feeling that the picture above and below are foretelling the future. LOL

The boy's LOVE Chima and had a great time watching the 4D film!!

Eric got his Driver's License!!

This is just a photo op roller coaster car. Jacob did actually ride the roller coaster and let me tell you, it scared the beans out of him.

Pretty sure they have no idea what the names of any of these characters are.

No comment

Wow, he's red and in a dress, are their thoughts on this.

There were a million other things the boy's got to see and do there but I didn't get many pictures of it because I was in the LEGOLAND hospital with Sarah who got stung by a nasty bee. Poor little baby cakes.