Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Let Me Start From the Beginning . . .

O.K. the time between August 26th and December 11th has disappeared into a land far, far away. I think I am just so overwhelmed by all that we have been doing, seeing, and experiencing I have verbally shutdown. I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE living in Europe, but people, it is no easy task. We were a one car family for FAR TO LONG. God bless you folks out there that can hack it as a 1 car family but clearly I am not one of those people. Anyway, to give you a glimpse into our lives here let me start from the beginning.

There is a beautiful park near the hotel that we spent a lot of time at. They had hundreds of different birds that were kept there. Plus a good restaurant and a playground!

They had an awesome slide that for some reason our kids were terrified of in the beginning but once we shamed them into going down it we couldn't get them off. They loved it with such passion that Eric pushed a little German girl down it because she apparently hesitated at the top and Eric was ready to GO!! You're welcome!! 

Lightning McQueen is EVERYWHERE. Almost more than America. This is at a grocery store in the area.

Our first German candy goodies! 

And God bless the Schnitzel!! The boy's love it and it always comes with pommes (fries).

Onkel Otto's in Sindelfingen. Home of the MONSTER SCHNITZEL that is bigger than your plate. No we did not order that. Their regular schnitzel challenged the edges of our plates. Yikes!!

Them we hit Hoffmeister, which is a huge furniture store like Ikea that always has some sort of entertainment in their parking lot. In September they had water boats . . . 

Choo Choo Trains . . .

And cute little girls . . . Oh wait that one is ours!! Hi Sarah!

We did A LOT of walking because our van hadn't arrived yet and we hadn't gotten our German Driver's Licenses yet either. It was good for us and really forced us to brush up on our German and get to know the area. The first place we ate was Burger King and I ended up eating some sort of chicken sandwich with curry sauce on it because I didn't know the words at the time to order it without sauce. But, like I tell the boy's "a picky person is a hungry person" You just have to roll with it.