Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Accountable Kids

Well, these are MY words of wisdom for the week... 

Our family has been using Accountable Kids for about 9 months now and I can't sing it's praise enough. I happened upon it while on a search for the perfect chore chart. Their instructional video mentions all the things I had been concerned about. I had 2 kids with serious "I want" issues and I was a tired momma trying to keep the house in order. I was left wondering where they got the feeling they were so entitled to EVERYTHING. They have always had to pick up their toy's every night but this added another element. It really made them realize how important they are as members of our family (and how to help momma not go insane). I am happy to report things have changed, and all for the good!! I have 2 happy helpers that have responsibilities they know they have to do everyday to earn their privileges. They also know exactly what they have to do to earn their own money to buy a special toy. One thing I never expected was for them to be SOOOOOOO excited about flipping their last chore cards for the day. I love the sound of, "NO MORE CARDS" (think of a kid yelling this really loud and then turn up the volume another 3 notches). It's just a little star sticker but it means so much to me and to them. Well, I could sing it's praises all day but try it out for yourself.