Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Faces I Love

I ran across these pics and realized I had never posted them and they are probably some of my favorites. 

Fayetteville, NC

 Seated and ready to jump

 Look guys there's someone back there. No really. . .

 Iron Mike
Troy, Eric, and Jacob

New Bern, NC

 Look, it's our backyard.......LOL
yeah right.


 racing through the garden

 O.K. the look on Eric's face here is AWESOME!!

I see you brother 

Off to the Palace 

 Sailing the "Sturdy Beggar"

The canoe formed from fire.

Out of all the wonderful activities they have at Tryon and the new History Center (which were awesome), Eric's favorite was riding the huge golf cart back to the parking lot. The man driving was an older retired Marine and when he stopped by our car to drop us off Eric started crying and saying "more, more, more". Well, he didn't get let down and he got to go for a big circle around the parking lot and he even sat in the front seat. I will NEVER forget the look on Eric's face when he came around the last corner. If there was ever a bigger smile in the world I never saw it. He redefined smiling from ear to ear!! Thanks to all the people at Tryon that made our visit so special!!